Outpatient Therapy

Onsite outpatient therapy enables members to conveniently participate in their outpatient therapy while already being onsite for golf, tennis, or other lifestyle activities.  Our professional therapy team works closely with each club’s wellness team helping clients transition back to their normal daily activities in an environment where they are most comfortable – their own private club.  Outpatient therapy is covered by most major insurance plans as well as Medicare.

Appointments, insurance verifications, and co-payments & deductibles are managed by our Medical Receptionist at our main clinic.

Rehab equipment is provided for leased space that is typically located within the fitness center, allowing easy access for members to stop by to ask questions.

Since recovering post-op from surgery or having therapy to overcome an injury is just one step in staying healthy and active, we actively support and refer anyone we see to the fitness team.

Whether it is Member Newsletters or Fitness Center Events such as open houses, health fairs, health screens, or health & wellness education events, we contribute to meet your members’ needs.