Personal Fitness Instruction

Personal Fitness Instruction

For individuals interested in optimizing their overall health and fitness levels, personal training sessions are available on a one-on-one, couple, or small group-training basis. Each session is highly individualized using a variety of tools and systems to maintain or improve overall fitness or sports performance.

Golf Conditioning

Our golf-conditioning program is designed for recreational to competitive level golfers who wish to get in peak condition for golf. It is a collaborative effort between our physical therapists and our exercise specialists.

Sports Performance Training

Sports performance training is designed for recreational and competitive athletes interested in training to improve speed, power, agility, and flexibility, specific to their sport. 


Pilates can be used as an important adjunct to physical therapy and personal training. It is a core stabilization program that is particularly valuable for those with chronic pain and back dysfunction.

Tai Chi

Tai chi has been shown to lower blood pressure and stress levels, reduce pain, promote balance and body awareness, and improve flexibility and cardiovascular fitness.


Yoga is used today by many practitioners for its self-healing benefits including improved immune function, reduced muscle tension and stress, decreased blood pressure and pain, increased strength, and improved flexibility.