Partnership & Integration

Through our daily presence within each community, we become fully integrated with the interdisciplinary team.

Our contributions extend beyond the outpatient clinic and include:

  • Therapy welcomes all new move-ins, and screens for safety and use of assistive devices within their new home.
  • Daily communication occurs between therapy and nursing staff regarding any resident issues.
  • Consistent contact occurs with physicians and nurse practitioners during their office hours, facility rounds, or when they stop in the therapy clinic to get resident updates.
  • Falls and fall risks are assessed, including reviewing injuries, re-hospitalizations, and therapy and home heath interventions,during care meetings
  • Presentations are made by therapy at town hall meetings.
  • Staff education and in-services are provided.
  • Family and caregiver training is provided as a component of therapy treatment plans.
  • Therapy contributes to wellness and fitness classes.
  • Clinical programs are implemented to meet resident needs.
  • Collaboration occurs with all Home Health Agencies that serve the campus.
  • Participation in Health Fairs and other special events is contributed.
  • Coordination with interdisciplinary team is provided to enhance memory care services.